“Fucked no bitches, got some money, paid my rent, lost all my money.”
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My current status. Lol


10 things our kids will never understand…

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In a funk.

Ever feel like somethings just not right with you? That somethings really off and you don’t know what? Youre just not motivated. No matter what you do..you’re in this funk. Trying to get out. And you feel kinda depressed even. When you try so hard not to..it just kills you. And you fall deeper. Then you wonder how the Hell your going to get out of this mood…

honestly not a one direction fan..but i love their version. They made it more…Summer Set.

Because I’m starting to blog again. Well…kinda. but I thought I’d post a picture.

Because I’m starting to blog again. Well…kinda. but I thought I’d post a picture.

Late night confession….09/13/2014

Sometimes I rethink myself out, of who i really am. Sometimes I feel like….I just wanna be with a girl. And that’s it. Sometimes I feel like…maybe I am fully gay.

….but then a really cute boy catches my attention and the questions disappear.

But in a real all time confession…I mean not to put a label on me. But…I can only see myself marrying a girl.
I’m just more happier that way.


"Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog."


"Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog."

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There’s only so much you can do in this life time. Make it all worth it…remember that.

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I don’t really miss high school. But I miss the comfort it gave me. I knew my grounds, I knew where I was going. Friends were all right there. No actual real life stress. Just the typical high school shit of getting grades up, up and down relationships, self discovery..

But tbh I rather deal with that then debts, loans, utility bills, insurances, rent, college, unemployment…

Played 19 times

"You’re more than just a mannequin to me."

I thought I’d update a little bit on my life…

Back from deployment. Nothings changed. Live on my own. Grover’s a derp. Worked at the fair. Reserve Army life sucks. Warped tour was amazing. Fell in love with Jess Bowen all over again. Had a drum lesson with her. Shes so freakin hot. Currently attracted to nose piercings…I dont know why. Lately I’ve been thinking their really cute on some people.

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My beautiful city…..who would ever hate living here??

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